The Process: using Kafka to drive microservices architecture

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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In this talk we explore an implementation of an event-driven microservices architecture using Scala technologies, including Akka and Kafka. Use of ‘microservices’ is becoming the standard to implement applications that serve millions of users. But when developing such a system, developers face several problems. Some are obvious: scalability, availability, etc., what we call having a ‘reactive application’.

Other issues only get visibility when you get down to the implementation details. To name a few: service discoverability, integrating new components to existing code, allowing multiple codebases (in different languages) to interact transparently, or incorporating legacy code into the new architecture.

In Gumtree we have been evaluating possible solutions to these challenges. For example, using specific Kafka feeds as a solution for discoverability issues and to facilitate integration of components built using different languages. We are in the process of implement one of the proposals as a trial and we want to share our ideas and the issues found during implementation.

Disclaimer: The title comes from a tweet by ‘The Legend of Klang’ himself: https://twitter.com/viktorklang/status/481109888656244736 "


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The Process: using Kafka to drive microservices architecture

Pere Villega

Software developer originally from Barcelona, moved to Dublin 7 years ago and came to London last year to join Gumtree.com. Passionate about technology and a Scala fan.