Scaling business application development with Play and Scala

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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Scaling web applications is usually about runtime performance for high-traffic consumer applications. This talk is about a different kind of scaling: architectures that increase development speed for small business applications. Using Play and Scala for something that would be easy to build with PHP is like going for a drive in a Rolls Royce: it’s so smooth that you don’t realise how fast you’re going.

Two case studies of commercial development projects illustrate using Play and Scala to complete development so easily it feels like cheating. Both projects were based on Play, Scala, Slick, Bootstrap and minimal JavaScript or front-end development. The lessons learned from these projects show how this architecture makes trade-offs between development cost and complexity. Best of all, there wasn’t any PHP at all.


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Scaling business application development with Play and Scala

Peter Hilton

Peter Hilton is a software developer, writer, speaker, trainer, and musician. Peter’s professional interests are web application development, functional design, agile software development and project management. His speciality is database-backed intranet web application architecture, design and build. He currently builds web applications using Scala, Play Framework and Slick. Peter has presented at several European developer conferences, co-authored ‘Play for Scala’ (Manning Publications) and is a Typesafe certified trainer for ‘Fast Track to Play with Scala’.