Unsung Heroes: Less Fashionable Patterns in Scala

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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Monads are the talk of the town, and everyone's doing them. In the virtual monad gold-rush, however, have we lost sight of some of the other useful tips, tricks and patterns that have got us to where we are. In this session Dick will examine a number of useful code snippets and ideas that have been used successfully on many projects, sometimes alongside monads, to great effect. There may be some useful corner cases you have overlooked, or perhaps just would like a refresher in some of the things you may have discovered but then forgotten.

This talk is suitable for Scala beginners but (I hope) will be of use to more experienced Scala developers as well, even if only as a gentle reminder about some of the tricks used, or perhaps in the effective combinations of some of them that have proven useful over time.


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Unsung Heroes: Less Fashionable Patterns in Scala

Dick Wall

Dick Wall is a member of the JavaPosse and partner of Escalate Software. Dick was also the recipient of last year's Phil Bagwell Award for his dedication to the Scala community.