Rhino Mocks and Automocking

23rd March 2009 in London at Sekforde Street

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In this session, Mike Hadlow gives a quick overview of Rhino Mocks, a popular .NET mock objects library and the new Arrange, Act, Assert syntax provided by that library. He also demonstrates Automocking, a combination of mock objects and dependency injection which helps to write unit tests more efficiently.


Rhino Mocks and Automocking

Mike Hadlow

Mike Hadlow works as a freelance .NET developer and architect. For the last few years he's been especially interested in messaging systems and service oriented architectures. He writes a blog, 'Code Rant', and is the author of several open source projects including Suteki Shop, an eCommerce framework, and EasyNetQ, a simple API for RabbitMQ. He lives in Lewes on the south coast of the UK.