Under the Hood of Scala Implicits

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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Implicit conversions and implicit parameters are fundamental and unique features of Scala that are powerful at the same time. To use these features to their maximum potential, and do so with confidence, you have to understand the specifics of how Scala compiler’s implicits search works. I will cover this topic in details, including ways you can optimize the implicits search algorithm in your library.

The second part of my session will focus on IntelliJ IDEA and how to leverage your IDE for working with implicits. Among other helpful IDE features, I will show how to debug implicits in IntelliJ IDEA.

As examples we’ll take a look at a few Scala libraries, including Spray with its well-known Magnet pattern.

On top of that, during my talk I’ll show you a few new tips and tricks on how to be more efficient by using IntelliJ IDEA’s hidden gems when working with Scala. "


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Under the Hood of Scala Implicits

Alexander Podkhalyuzin

Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University in 2010, department of mathematics, рas a lot of prizes from international and regional mathematical competitions. In 2008, started to work for JetBrains, where became Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA team leader.