42: Rise of the dependent types

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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Scala is a language with a very sophisticated type system. It is even said to be the "poor-man's prolog". As part of his hacker-time (20% time program) at SoundCloud, George collaborated with Eugene Burmako to explore the possibility of adding an accessible way to use literal-based singleton types to scala.

In simple words, this project will let scala programmers use values at type-level, allowing a lot of compelling use-cases. The talk will show where and how literal-based singleton types can be (and in some cases already are) useful.


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42: Rise of the dependent types

George Leontiev

George became interested in Scala right after he graduated from university. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, he switched to full-time Scala programming, and has never looked back. Nowadays he's working on backends at SoundCloud, and contributing to opensource on his free time.