Bootstrapping the Scala.js Ecosystem

8th December 2014 in London at Business Design Centre

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It's not enough to be able to cross-compile Scala source code into Javascript and run it in the browser. You also need supporting libraries, tools, and other things in order to make a plausible development environment that you can use to do real work.

We've had plenty of cool demos: type-safe Ajax calls, in-browser ray-tracing, games and reactive web-pages, but these demos were not constructed on their own! They are the head of a long chain of dependencies, more and more fundamental, until we answer the question: how do we build something from nothing?


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Bootstrapping the Scala.js Ecosystem

Haoyi Li

Haoyi is a recent MIT Graduate. He spent his years in college trying to build websites, and wondered why it always felt like bashing your head against a brick wall.