Engineering cross-system sanity into Microservices

27th November 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Moving away from monolithic to microservice architectures means plunging head first into the cold waters of integration and distributed systems. Platforms that have a lot of moving pieces have to be designed from the ground up to be resilient and ensure consistency of state across the system. To achieve this you need to consider problems such as how multiple services with their own state, including legacy services, ought to be coordinated; taking into account mid-operation outages in the services themselves as well the coordinating system. All while relying on non-transactional inter-service transports such as HTTP. Once the platform is deployed, to operate it you will need an insight into the overall state of the system and that of the business transactions running within it.

This presentation will describe a set of architectural patterns for building out resilient, consistent microservice-based systems that leverage off-the-shelf products that are already inside your organization. We will discuss the implications of those patterns in terms of the system's overall operation, what tooling you need to build out to effectively manage your platform, and the functionality that you need to build to support those tools. You will come out with a much clearer picture of the main considerations, as well as a list of tasks, that need to be addressed to build and operate a platform based on microservices.


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Engineering cross-system sanity into Microservices

Jakub Korab

Jakub Korab runs his own specialist consultancy Ameliant, working in the area of open source integration and messaging. Over the years, he has worked with dozens of clients across a broad range of industries to develop scalable, fault-tolerant and performant system integrations. He is co-author of the “Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook”.