Ephemeral-first data structures

4th December 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Clojure programmers are used to working with highly sophisticated persistent data structures, using managed references when mutable state is unavoidable. In some applications, however, a compelling alternative presents itself in the form of concurrent data structures with lock-free (""global progress guaranteed"") updates that admit fully persistent snapshots.

A data structure of this kind suitable for implementing maps was described by Prokopec, Bronson, Bagwell and Odersky. This talk aims to introduce it to the Clojure community, to present a Clojure implementation and to describe API choices that make using it feel natural in Clojure.


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Ephemeral-first data structures

Michal Marczyk

Longtime contributor to all parts of ClojureScript, including the compiler and the core library; most notably, author of the ClojureScript ports of the persistent map and set types and PDS-related functionality such as transients.