Flow - learnings from writing a ClojureScript DSL

4th December 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Flow is a ClojureScript library that I've been writing in my spare time over the last four months, allowing developers to write webapps in a declarative style. The idea for Flow came out of my ClojureX talk last year, when I proposed a couple of CLJS UI design patterns that we'd evolved over time - after the talk, I spoke to a few of the attendees who suggested that a library would be very helpful!

I'll be talking a bit about Flow as a library, its usage, and give a few examples of what's possible - but the majority of the talk will be discussing the design and implementation of the DSL, as well as what I've learned about developing in ClojureScript, using macros, manipulating Clojure forms, and writing a compiler. I'll probably also talk about the progression of ideas that led to Flow's current incarnation, time permitting.


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Flow - learnings from writing a ClojureScript DSL

James Henderson

After graduating from Imperial College London around two years ago, James has worked at both ends of the company-size spectrum, from a large financial institution to a small Clojure startup.