Journey through the looking glass

4th December 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Lenses are a beautiful functional abstraction that subsume the getters and setters of object languages like Ruby and Java. Traversals are a related abstraction that subsume iteration.

These concepts are highly relevant to Clojure development, because they provide a way to resolve the tension between simple, coarse-grained state management, and simple, fine-grained functions that operate on parts of that state.

In this talk I will explore what form these concepts might take in an untyped (by default) language like Clojure.


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Journey through the looking glass

Chris Ford

Chris is a certified BABE (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering), and consequentially an idiophile and technophobe. He began to make music with code partly to compensate for his poor technique, and partly because air piano is unsatisfying. When he works, he works for ThoughtWorks, though that isn't all the time.