Developing Clojure in the cloud

4th December 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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In this talk I will describe a pattern of working as a team ""in the cloud"" using vagrant, puppet and tmux.

This involves using production-parity local/remote 'devboxes' independent of the host OS, and growing this setup into a production environment.

Pros and cons of the approach will be discussed, along a experience report from 'the wild' of using Clojure in this manner.


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Developing Clojure in the cloud

Martin Trojer

Martin has been doing Clojure full time for 4 years in various projects ranging from finance, property websites and IOT startups. Currently he is head of engineering at Opensensors.io building solutions with a Clojure backend and frontend stack. He is very interested in programming languages and is always trying to learn new (and old!) ones.