Trojan Horsing Clojure with Javascript

4th December 2014 in London at Skills Matter

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Love using Clojure but can't get your static typing colleagues to get with the LISP programme. Well Javascript (the Scheme in the browser) is your friend. It's already dynamic and uses maps for everything, it's like a second home!

Not only that but lots of Clojure code has already been ported (include the Clojure language itself, twice) or has inspired pure Javascript equivalents.

In the talk I'll introduce ImmutableJS, Mori, Wisp, Omniscient and maybe even Clojurescript.


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Trojan Horsing Clojure with Javascript

Robert Rees

Robert Rees is currently a Developer Manager at the Guardian and the former CTO of Wazoku. He started his career as a tester and went on to be a C and Java developer in telecoms and dabbled in management.