Building better teams and the real business value of BDD

26th March 2015 in London at Skills Matter

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As a product manager, I've heard a lot about the magic of Behavioural Driven Development as a way to deliver well tested software that matters. And I have definitely seen and measured the tangible benefits of software delivered using BDD - higher quality, features meeting stakeholder expectations, and fewer bugs.

But I have also seen how BDD done really well transforms the way teams work together, building trust and camaraderie between different disciplines, increasing morale, productivity and staff retention. This is the real business value that BDD brings, building high performing teams with a lasting effect well beyond the delivery of the code to production.


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Building better teams and the real business value of BDD

J​o Wickremasinghe

Jo is currently Head of Product at Which? and has previously led product teams at the BBC and Microsoft. Jo's team were responsible for the product redesign and development of the BBC Homepage in 2012, as well as the market leading BBC Weather mobile apps. Jo's passionate about designing and delivering great digital products that users love.