Technical Bankruptcy

26th March 2015 in London at Skills Matter

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What is technical bankruptcy? More to the point, what is technical Debt? And what happens to software systems when the interest payments on technical debt go out of control?

In this talk Lukas will explain all, using code as the basis, but using ideas that transfer to other realms.

Then he will investigate how a small amount of math can demonstrate why bankruptcy comes more quickly than most would expect. He pulls together ideas from Organisational Change Management and Metcalf’s Law and connects them to the quality of the code base, and how easy systems are to change.

Be prepared for some novel, innovative and challenging ideas, whilst getting an intuitive sense of how complexity in multiple dimensions affects the ability to make changes over time. And keep your ears open for a reference to the Iraqi Army.


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Technical Bankruptcy

Lukas Oberhuber

Lukas joined Simply Business as Chief Technology Officer in September 2010 with the aim of increasing flexibility and agility of the organisation through technology. Since joining he has implemented a number of new systems and processes including Agile and Build-Measure-Learn, transforming the speed and efficiency of new product development.