Illustrating Scenarios

26th March 2015 in London at Skills Matter

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One of our enemies when working with BDD is the great Wall of Text. The long list of ""Given ... When ... Then ..."" which we fill our whiteboards with, which makes examples hard to overview and which doesn't help with either creativity or recollection.

Imagine instead transforming the room into a cheerful, creative place where team members and stakeholders are laughing and working together. Imagine remembering details about scenarios months after they have been implemented.

By illustrating your scenarios instead of writing them, the examples become easier to remember and overview, fun to create and also trigger our creative side.


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Illustrating Scenarios

Ulrika Malmgren

Ulrika has been passionate about testing for almost a decade and has worked with test on a bunch of different products, using both exploratory and automated testing. She believes that when creating good systems, everyone needs to care about quality and think about it from the very beginning and she loves to have the conversation on how you can do that.