Functional Programming in an Imperative World

11th June 2015 in London at Skills Matter

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Once upon a time there was a small company with a large codebase. That codebase had been written in the well understood languages of "VeeBeeDotNet" and "CeeSharp". After a while, more people starting working for the small company, and while they all knew some CeeSharp and VeeBeeDotNet, some of them also spoke strange foreign languages like "Erlang" and "EffSharp". They liked these languages, and were unwilling to give up what they saw as their powerful magical properties of pureness. So they hatched a plan..

This talk is a completely anecdotal review of how a group of developers (not managers) introduced functional techniques and languages into a company with an existing imperative code base - and existing imperative coders! Learn how we convinced management it wasn't insane. How we picked low risk, high impact tasks to illustrate language advantages. And how we spread the joy to others who hadn't used functional programming languages before.


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Functional Programming in an Imperative World

Michael Newton

Developer, Architect, Trainer, Consultant; Michael runs @mavnn ltd along with his wife, providing training and consultancy. If it relates to learning about or using anything that relates to .net, functional programming or build/infrastructure tooling we can probably help you.