Build your own effects

11th June 2015 in London at Skills Matter

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This session was not filmed.

Most practical programming languages include ways of performing various non-functional effects, such as exceptions, generators, dynamic binding and concurrency. Languages typically offer ways for programmers to define new functions, new types, and sometimes even new syntax, but the set of available effects is usually baked into the language and cannot be extended within programs.

In this talk I'll show how a single language construct, the effect handler, makes it possible to define all the above effects and more within a program, transferring power from language designers to language users.


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Build your own effects

Jeremy Yallop

Jeremy is a senior researcher at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, where he's a member of the OCaml Labs project and teaches an advanced functional programming course. He's the lead developer of the ocaml-ctypes foreign function library and is currently involved in the development of several new features for the OCaml language, including a typed macro system and support for overloading.