Reactive-interactive approaches to visualization of F# jobs

1st July 2015 in London at Skills Matter

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This talk will show the lightweight approaches for web based visualization of server side computations or data science jobs, which are primarily written in F#. In terms of these jobs you'd often launch some analytic algorithms on input data and the algorithms may run either on a single local server or be distributed across the cloud, clusters or other locations. In other words there can be different data sources, different places or locations where algorithms are being performed, and various kinds of jobs that produce the updated overall result each time when data changes, updates or new data comes. For example we can use MBrace or other cloud computing framework for performing jobs, Deedle for time series analysis or any other tool. So if updates are frequent and it is necessary to keep an eye on that and to watch changes it would be pretty convenient to have an interactive visualization for the results.

During the talk we will take a number of jobs, go through the options we have and see the examples of how to use and combine F#, SignalR web sockets and JS together for visualization of various computing job results to display them in a beautiful web interactive and flexible way.


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Reactive-interactive approaches to visualization of F# jobs

Alena Dzenisenka

Alena Dzenisenka is a young researcher in the field of theoretical mathematical abstractions and innovative algorithmic models possible in modern programming concepts. She is a member of F# Software Foundation Board of Trustees. Alena currently works as a Software Architect at Luxoft and has more than 10 years of professional experience including complex distributed systems and cloud computing. She has become MCP at the age of 16. Alena teaches F# and speaks at international conferences.