Keynote: Scaling Intelligence: moving ideas forward

10th December 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Scala is a scalable language. It is scalable in the computer sense, of small programs building into large programs. Does it scale in our mind, as well? There are a lot of ideas expressed in Scala. How do we scale those ideas from conception into full use? For any given idea, one person can't do it alone. There is room in the Scala community for all of us, and a need for all of us. Together, we can scale the language into bigger ideas, into a bigger community, and together realize our own potential and the language's.


Keynote: Scaling Intelligence: moving ideas forward

Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr writes Scala for a living. She's still recovering from ten years of Enterprise Java. For entertainment, she blogs and speaks about functional programming and git, sneaking in a little cognitive science. Jessica is a native of StrangeLoop -- I mean, St. Louis. In between user groups, she leads two children on crazy adventures.