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26th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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You might think building a database in JavaScript is one of the worst ideas, and you would be right. But it begs the more interesting question, what algorithms would be necessary to make even the most volatile of environments (the browser) be a reliable haven for data?

In this talk Mark will share some controversial ideas he has formed whilst exploring databases and developing Gun, the distributed, embedded, graph database engine. Join Mark for this talk to hear his story of 'how it all happened', and discover how javascript is actually a suitable environment for data both in node and in the browser.

Mark will cover:

  • NoOps
  • App Architectures for performance
  • Maintainability.

Check out Gun, the distributed, embedded, graph database engine, on github for some background on Mark's journey and experience.


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The Javascript Database for Javascript Developers

Mark Nadal

Mark is a mathematician turned programmer, and has created 2 startups one of which is a VC backed Open Source company. He has traveled to over 20 countries and fallen in love with the unique culture and food from around the world. Part of his passion for Open Source is related to the wonderful diversity he has experienced: without sharing and learning from others, progress cannot be ascertained!