Scalable and Reliable Video Transcoding in Haskell

8th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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At Iris Connect we are developing a video sharing platform that is being deployed in over a thousand schools worldwide. As part of this process, the hundreds of gigabytes of videos uploaded from customers every day are a central part of our business. In this talk I will present our approach to video transcoding, and how we are using Haskell to meet our business needs. I will explain how our distributed architecture - inspired to FP desirable properties - allows us to reliably process hundreds of videos every day, dealing with high volume traffic and scaling at need, whilst keeping costs at bay.


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Scalable and Reliable Video Transcoding in Haskell

Alfredo Di Napoli

Alfredo works for Iris Connect as a Senior Software Engineer on a web/video platform to help teachers to record, develop and share their practice. He likes to define himself a beauty-driven developer, considering beauty the ultimate defence against software complexity. Alfredo is an inquisitive Haskell programmer and an active open source contributor.