A new foundation for refactoring - ghc-exactprint

8th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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In this talk, I will describe the architecture and history of ghc-exactprint. ghc-exactprint is a library which enables programmers to easily specify refactoring operations by directly modifying the GHC AST. By leveraging the GHC parser and a suitable intermediate representation, we can refactor any haskell source file. I will also demonstrate two libraries which are already using ghc-exactprint to directly apply refactorings. HaRe has been rewritten to take advantage of this new machinery which has resulted in a significant reduction in complexity. Secondly, apply-refact automatically applies hlint suggestions. This program demonstrates one method in which the new foundation can be used in tandem with haskell-src-exts.

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A new foundation for refactoring - ghc-exactprint

Matthew Pickering

I am a student at the University of Oxford studying Computer Science and Philosophy. I have contributed to a number of open source projects and twice participated in Google Summer of Code for Haskell.org