Haskell development with Docker

8th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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Tooling for Haskell development is a hot topic, since one of the biggest grievances in Haskell development is the issue of managing dependencies. Enter Docker, a tool that makes defining and running containers easy. Docker allows you to easily create reproducible environments across different architectures and operating systems, while being much more lightweight than full-fledged virtual machines. It brings testing and production environments a lot closer together, giving developers much more confidence to release new code.

Since Docker is a fairly new technology, there is still room for exploration to find the best way to set up development environments. In this talk I will give a short introduction to Docker and I will show how I set up my development environment using Docker containers. The main benefits of this setup will be portability across dev machines and isolating the development environment. To underline these benefits, I will demonstrate how I created and deployed a chat bot using Haskell.

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Haskell development with Docker

San Gillis

I'm a software engineer working at VikingCo. In my latest project I set up a VoIP service using Docker, we currently have about 20.000 users and will be scaling up to 200.000 in the near future. This project has given me a lot of real world experience using Docker. In my spare time I've been a Haskell enthousiast for a bit over a year now. I've always been eager to tinker with and try to optimize my development environment. Docker is one of the tools I've been experimenting with to set up clean and reproducible environments. You can find a bit more info about me here: http://sgillis.github.io/