Keynote from Luite Stegeman - Solving the JavaScript Problem

8th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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GHCJS is a Haskell to JavaScript compiler based on GHC. Among the improvements in the past year are official Cabal integration, support for CPU profiling and an overhaul of the ghcjs-base library. A recent addition is an experimental REPL, making it easier than ever to interact with Haskell in a browser or node.js environment. I will discuss the current state of the project, and explain what impact recent developments like ECMAScript 6 will have on how various Haskell concepts are translated to JavaScript. I'll demonstrate the GHCJS development tools and libraries with some examples of interacting with the JavaScript environment, with a focus on concurrency and event handling.


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Keynote from Luite Stegeman - Solving the JavaScript Problem

Luite Stegeman

: Luite Stegeman has studied computer science at Utrecht University and is the main author of GHCJS, on which he has been working from various places. github: http://github.com/luite