JsonGrammar: combinators for bidirectional JSON conversion

8th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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JsonGrammar is a combinator library for expressing bidrectional transformations between JSON expression trees (we use Aeson's Value datatype) and your own custom Haskell datatypes. Instead of writing separate fromJSON and toJSON functions, you write a single expression (a grammar) that expresses the conversions in both directions. You have full control over the mapping; for example, the property names in JSON and the Haskell record field names don't have to be the same, and the trees don't even have to be the same shape. This lightning talk will explain the building blocks of the API and how to combine them into full-fledged parsers/formatters.

Find out more about JsonGrammar here.

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JsonGrammar: combinators for bidirectional JSON conversion

Martijn van Steenbergen

Martijn has a masters degree in Software Technology from Utrecht University, where Haskell was the go-to language for the research tools. He was involved in the founding of the Dutch Haskell Users Group, where he has given several talks. He is now based in London where he works for Google.