Building applications in ES6 today

26th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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In this talk, Jack will share with you how it is possible to architect and write complex client side JavaScript applications in ECMAScript 6 today, despite a lack of implementations across browsers. You will discover how to use libraries like SystemJS and Babel to enabling you to seamlessly write code in ES6 and consume 3rd party libraries, regardless of the format they are written in. You will then architect the application as a series of modules using the new ES6 module syntax, and write using new ES6 features like constants, arrow functions, classes and more.

Using jspm as your build tool, you will learn how to quickly and easily install libraries from npm and GitHub, and have them work out of the box in the browser. You will look at the developer workflow and how jspm also makes it trivial to bundle your application up in production.

You will leave this talk with a better sense of the latest tooling that makes working in ES6 much easier than many imagine, and with a greater understanding of some of the new features of the language.

Information on ECMAScript 6 can be found here, or take a look at Babel.


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Building applications in ES6 today

Jack Franklin

Jack is a Senior JavaScript Developer at Songkick in London where he spends most of his time writing or talking about JavaScript, React and Elm.