Transformers, Handlers in Disguise

8th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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Effect handlers have recently been proposed as a new means of working with compositional effects, and threaten to replace monad transformers. Their key advantage is a cleaner way of expressing semantics since they are defined in terms of algebras. An often misunderstood aspect is how they compare to monad transformers with respect to compositionality of effects. This talk will introduce both methodologies and show how they relate.

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Transformers, Handlers in Disguise

Nicolas Wu

Nick has been using Haskell since 2001 while he was an undergraduate at the University of Oxford, where he also obtained his doctorate in Computer Science. He then went to work as a Haskell consultant at Well-Typed LLP before returning to academia. As a postdoctoral researcher he worked principally on unifying the foundations of recursion schemes using category theory. He is currently a lecturer at the University of Bristol, and continues to work on recursion schemes, as well as effect handlers and domain specific languages.