Phil Trelford: F# Introduction

19th May 2009 in London at Sekforde Street

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F# is a new .Net functional programming language that will ship with Visual Studio 2010, with a CTP available right now which integrates with Visual Studio 2008. Functional programming techniques like lambda expressions are increasing in popularity and are being seen in languages like C# and C++ with Boost.

This talk is intended to provide a quick introduction to the language for existing developers, along the way comparing features with other programming languages including C#, C++ and Python.

Phil starts by introducing F# as a functional programming language which has object oriented capabilities, he also stated that F# will be part of Visual Studio .NET 2010 as the defacto language.

In this presentation Phil explains F# syntax and their semantics, also demonstrated with a games and twitter application he wrote with F#.


Phil Trelford: F# Introduction

Phil Trelford

Phil is an active member of the software development community, regularly attending and speaking at user groups and conferences, blogging and contributing to open source projects. He is a co-organizer of the London F# User Group and a founding member of the F# Foundation.