Pete Smith: "The myth of the qualified developer"

15th October 2015 in London at CodeNode

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There's a lot to master in any job, but software engineering takes this to a whole new level. A good developer has to enjoy learning, and of course we usually do this by making mistakes. But what level of knowledge divides a master from a mere competent beginner? How do we know when we've learned enough to do our job properly and consider ourselves fully qualified? In this talk I'll help you to answer these questions by sharing the stories of my own greatest mistakes, and reveal how a lot of them ended up becoming my greatest opportunities. We'll explore what it means to fail (sometimes specatacularly) and most importantly, how to make the most of it. And remember - whether you think you know too much, or too little - you're wrong!


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Pete Smith: "The myth of the qualified developer"

Pete Smith

Pete Smith is a software consultant and speaker based in London with almost 10 years of experience making web applications with, specialising in API design and JavaScript browser-based applications. He is the author of Superscribe - an open source routing framework - and HTTP query library Linq to Querystring among others. Just recently he's embarked on a journey learning JVM and Scala.