From monolith to microservice

9th November 2015 in London at CodeNode

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So you have decided that you have outgrown your monolithic application, and now you want to break it up into microservices. Just how do you go about that? Often likened to "building planes in the sky" complex restructuring projects often fail because teams lack the understanding of how to avoid going dark whilst delivering technical transformation.

In this presentation you will discover the key steps at decomposing your monolith. You'll learn about some key topics like: identifying your business capabilities, strangles, event interception, reference data and autonomy that will help you understand the steps in breaking your code loose from its monolithic prison.

You'll also discover how you gain buy-in.

By the end of this presentation you should have some idea of proven strategies for technical transformation projects.


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From monolith to microservice

Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper has over 20 years of experience delivering Microsoft platform solutions in government, healthcare, and finance. When he is not writing C# code he is also the and founder of the London .NET user group.