Microservices - enough with theory, let's do some coding

9th November 2015 in London at CodeNode

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You have been on many talks about the (not so) new software design approach which is - "Microservices". Having organized few Microservice Hackathons (both public and internal) and developing applications for the last 7 months using that approach, Marcin and Tomasz would like to show you what are the BUTs of the idea. Rarely can you hear about the challenges and issues related to this architectural approach and we’ll tell nothing but the truth about it. Also they’ll show how you can quickly start creating your own apps using the tools they have created at 4finance / SoftwareMill.

Just a glimpse of what you will see in action: zookeeper for service discovery; Kibana / Grafana for monitoring; client code in Java, Scala and Groovy; Ansible for provisioning. And the best part is that everything is opensourced and ready to use.

Oh and some of the code they’ve written has been already merged with spring-cloud!

Expect nothing but live coding and may the Demo Gods have mercy on us ;-)


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Microservices - enough with theory, let's do some coding

Tomasz Szymanski

Tomasz's journey with professional programming has started over 10 years ago. Tomasz did his first serious coding as an intern at JBoss, to become an Application Architect in one of the biggest banks in Republic of South Africa. He believes in clean code, communities and agile methodologies. That is why after years of experience he has co-founded SoftwareMill - first polish softwarehouse that is fully remote and flat.

Marcin Grzejszczak

Marcin is enthusiast of clean coding and good design. He is the author of "Mockito Instant" and "Mockito Cookbook" books and co-author of the Groovy @Builder and "micro-infra-spring" microservices open source solution. He has contributed to open several source projects (including Groovy, Mockito, Spring-Cloud-Zookeeper, Spring-Cloud-Sleuth, Rest-assured, Drools, Moco).