Analysis and Synthesis - or how to get the balance right

12th November 2015 in London at CodeNode

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Jenny and Pete take a critical look at the modern analysis paradigm, and wonder why it is still so easy to end up in user story hell or spend years building the wrong thing.

Have we thrown away too much of our more structured analysis methods? Why is it so hard to start small?

You will explore a range of divergent and convergent practices, and how to use the right tools at the right time to deliver value as quickly as possible.

The session will finish by exploring some concrete techniques you can take home and start using straight away to achieve convergence at the each point in the software lifecycle.


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Analysis and Synthesis - or how to get the balance right

Pete Buckney

Pete is a founder director of Co Made, and is passionate about using collaborative approaches to build software that changes businesses for the better.

Jenny Martin

Jenny Martin is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach specialising in agile delivery, quality improvement and innovation games.