Optimising Scala for fun and profit

10th December 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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In this talk we will explore some of the surprises and pitfalls in Scala application performance and how to analyse and address them. At times clean functional code appears to directly oppose performance, but within this talk you will discover that this is not the case. Rory will show some common issues, from unexpected behaviours within the core Scala collections to accidental boxing.

Using profiling, decompilation and algorithmic analysis you will go through a number of examples of performance issues and solutions, from collection tricks such as 'breakout' through to using mutability within methods to provide performance gains.

This talk is a 'from the trenches' type talk, showing issues Rory has seen repeatedly as well as the performance gains that can be achieved. The goal is to provide you with practical advice on discovering and addressing performance problems.


Optimising Scala for fun and profit

Rory Graves

Rory spends his life fighting to find a balance between writing ugly high performance code and beautiful maintainable code. He fights from the trenches to make software better, contributing to open source and has has worked across the entire gamut of software from building a JVM to optimising grid computing.