A day in the Life (Practices & Tools Zone - Kensington Gardens)

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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This session was not filmed.

Find the Practices & Tools Zone in Kensington Gardens - the Exhibition Floor @ Droidcon London 2015!

The Now TV demo will cover an introduction to the Now TV product, with a review of our application UX and technology challenges.


A day in the Life (Practices & Tools Zone - Kensington Gardens)

Jesus Gumiel

Passionate Android developer and football lover. Ten years working in the dark side (big companies) in Spain and UK, trying to strenghten their Android community and to convince designers that not everybody use an iPhone. I dedicate my spare time to code in my own startup, Footballtracker, and to attend startups and Android events worldwide.

Mandeep Khataria

Mandeep is an apprentice software developer and has been working at Sky for 2 years.