Our journey to world (gifting) domination - how notonthehighstreet.com embraced Docker

19th November 2015 in London at CodeNode

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In this presentation Nic and Daniel will take you through notonthehighstreet.com's journey, the pain, the joy, and the road to the ultimate success of running a hundred million pound ecommerce business on Docker, Mesos and the AWS cloud. Their mission was to break down a monolith, to chip away at it, and constantly deliver business value, all the while without needing a migration big bang that was bigger than the one that created the universe.

Whilst extending and rebuilding the company's core platforms using a microservice pattern would deliver their need for change, it also introduced complexity around deployment and development - hence their need for Docker. They truly believe that without containers they would have failed in their mission, and in fact, adopting Docker has given them so much more than the ability to change. It has given them the ability to scale, to geolocate, to develop in a way they never thought possible, and above all it has given them the ability to transform our business.

They went “All In”, every single line of code for our front and back end systems is running in a container and Nic would love to share the story of how they did it.

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Our journey to world (gifting) domination - how notonthehighstreet.com embraced Docker

Daniel Bryant

Daniel Bryant works as an Independent Technical Consultant, and is the CTO at SpectoLabs. He currently specialises in enabling continuous delivery within organisations through the identification of value streams, creation of build pipelines, and implementation of effective testing strategies. Daniel’s technical expertise focuses on ‘DevOps’ tooling, cloud/container platforms, and microservice implementations. He also contributes to several open source projects, writes for InfoQ, O’Reilly, and Voxxed, and regularly presents at international conferences such as OSCON, QCon and JavaOne.

Nic Jackson

Nic Jackson is a software engineering evangelist working for notonthehighstreet.com, with over 20 years experience in software development and leading software development teams. A huge believer that the rise of Docker and container solutions is a positive transformation for the way we develop, deploy and maintain software.