App Clinic (Design Zone - Hyde Park)

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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This session was not filmed.

Find the Design Zone in Hyde Park - the Exhibition Floor @ Droidcon London 2015!

Come and have your app's UX reviewed by a team of designers and developers including lead members of the Android community and Google Developer Experts. They will be able to give you some suggestions on how to improve your existing app, making your users happier.

Our panel of designers will be able to help you with all the questions you might have with that app design you're working on, or maybe that nagging question that your redesign efforts brought up but you really want to hear some other expert's opinion on.


App Clinic (Design Zone - Hyde Park)

Nick Butcher

Nick is a Android Design/Developer Advocate in Google's London office where he helps designers and developers to create sublime mobile apps. ”

Leonie Brewin

As a Designer at Novoda, Leonie spends her days crafting user experiences for Android. With 8 years experience as a designer, she has spent the last 5 years specialising in mobile with a passion for user-centred design and usability testing.

Wiebe Elsinga

Besides being a Google Developer Expert for Android, Wiebe Elsinga is a technical team lead at Egeniq in The Netherlands.

Mark Allison

Mark Allison is a GDE for Android and software engineer with almost 25 years' experience. He is passionate about providing the user with the best possible experience. He has developed both server and client side, most commonly Android on the client side, but with also for iOS, HTML5, Symbian, and J2ME. Mark writes a technical blog ( which focuses on Android UI/UX topics, but often covers more general Android development techniques. He regularly speaks at Android developer events in such diverse locations as Turkey, Spain, and Brazil. He is a stalwart of Droidcon London - this will be his fourth consecutive appearance. When not being geeky, Mark likes to unwind by hurling abuse at football referees, specifically those who are unkind to his beloved Watford FC with whom he holds a season ticket. He also has a deep love of the chilli pepper and consumes spicy food (his favourite being Indian) at every opportunity! Mark is happily married with a grown up step-daughter, and lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

Pascal Welsch

Pascal Welsch is a real Android native who started coding with the Motorola Milestone as his fist mobile phone due to the fantastic open source community to which he also contributes now.

Maria Neumayer

Maria Neumayer is an Android Developer working at Deliveroo. She's been developing for Android for more than seven years with a focus on UI work. Austrian expat living in London. Previously at Citymapper, Path, Saffron Digital and Rummble.

Sebastiano Poggi

Sebastiano Poggi is an Android Software Craftsman at Novoda in London. A self-taught and strong OSS believer who loves beautiful and simple UX and UI, where “less is more”, Sebastiano spends a big chunk of his spare time reading and writing about Android development. He also creates and maintains some FOSS apps and libraries, that span from the fun, smaller projects to the more serious (and, perhaps, useful) work. Sebastiano worked for some time in AKQA as a Senior Software Engineer. Before moving to London, he also worked at i’m Spa (an Italian smartwatch startup) for two years, playing with the Android platform and handling their Developer Relations. He’s been toying with the Android SDK since 2010.