Code Review (Practices & Tools Zone - Kensington Gardens)

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Find the Practices & Tools Zone in Kensington Gardens - the Exhibition Floor @ Droidcon London 2015!

What is the best way of designing your software architecture to solve your particular problem? How do you pull that off without code that screams "technical debt" from all over the place, and that you will be proud of when you look at it again in a couple of years? Come and chat about how your code can be elegant, maintainable and functional.

Code Review (Practices & Tools Zone - Kensington Gardens)

Kevin Galligan

Kevin is the President of Touchlab, an Android development shop based in NYC (that also runs Droidcon NYC).

Erik Hellman

Erik is the author of "Android Programming: Pushing the limits" and a long time DroidCon speaker. He has worked on the inner details of the Android platform at Sony Mobile, hacked on the Android client for Spotify and is currently as a freelancing Android developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Erik has also been teaching software development, including Android programming, for both new and senior developers.