Intro to Haskell for Scala Devs

2nd November 2015 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Intro to Haskell for Scala Devs

What is functional programming? No assignment statements, no variables, once given a value never change, no side-effects at all. “The functional programmers sound like a small monastery of mediæval monks, denying themselves the pleasures of life.”.

But there must be something to it, as there are languages which allow only this kind of approach to software design. Can something useful can really be done in this paradigm?

I will show you how the language developed in the late 80s called Haskell. We will explore its syntax as well as philosophy behind its creation. At the end of a lecture we will even develop a simple REST application written in Haskell, in order to once and for all make this comic https://xkcd.com/1312/ obsolete.

Why would you want to learn Haskell? Some say it will make you a better developer, triggering ability to look at software problems with different approach. Is it true? You have to see it on your own.


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Intro to Haskell for Scala Devs

Pawel Szulc

Paul Szulc is primarily a programmer. Always was and always will be. Experienced professionally in JVM ecosystem, currently having tons of fun with Scala, Clojure and Haskell. By day working on (not that) BigData problems with Akka Stream & Apache Spark, by night hacking whatever he finds interesting at that given moment. Humble apprentice of Functional Programming.