JRebel for Android in Action (Not Phones Zone - Hyde Park)

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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This session was not filmed.

Find the Not Phones Zone in Hyde Park - the Exhibition Floor @ Droidcon London 2015!

It takes minutes to run every time you change your code, disrupting you and slowing you down! This isn’t acceptable in a productive, effective development process. Particularly when a solution is available.

We’ll take a look at a new kid on the block called JRebel for Android. The infamous JRebel code reloading technology has only existed in the pure Java world, until now. We’ve recently ported the codebase and you can reap the same benefits in the Android world. You’ll witness with your own eyes, how blazingly fast you can write code and then see the code running seconds later. No, really!

Those who attend will leave having gained knowledge about how they can turbo charge their environments, becoming a more productive and happier Android developers (unless they are charging by an hour). Those who don’t, will still be executing builds while you’re on the beach!


JRebel for Android in Action (Not Phones Zone - Hyde Park)