Minimum viable team: testing your ideas alone (Practices and Tools Zone - Kensington Gardens)

29th October 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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Find the Practices & Tools Zone in Kensington Gardens - the Exhibition Floor @ Droidcon London 2015!

So you have an idea for a great application, but not much money nor friends to help out. You already asked people if they would be interested, and they were really supportive, but when it comes to coding you are all alone. For a developer, who is used to working in a team, it can be really demanding to go through with even a moderately sized project. You know how to be effective as a team, but the same practices seem to hold you back when you are alone.

In the last few years DeVill started a number of projects alone and managed to build, deploy and validate (or invalidate) them within weeks of starting the project, and all that as a hobby next to my day job. Taking a few of these projects as examples, he will tell you what agile practices he hangs on to and what he changed or replaced to boost his productivity.

Minimum viable team: testing your ideas alone (Practices and Tools Zone - Kensington Gardens)

Rafael Ördög (aka DeVill)

Rafael Ordog (DeVill) is a Lead Developer at Budapest-based Emarsys and popular speaker in the Hungarian software community. As a founding member of Emarsys CraftLab - the dedicated coaching team of Emarsys - he has taught university courses and lectured at numerous conferences. His passion for short feedback loops drove him to create Lean Poker, a workshop where developers have the opportunity to experiment with continuous delivery in an artificial environment.