Keynote: The Past, Present, and Future of Visual F#

7th December 2015 in London at CodeNode

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In this keynote talk, David will be covering the past, present, and future of Visual F# as best as we can predict. :)

Past and Present of Visual F#:

  • F# 4.0: What's new? A brief overview of F#'s evolution.

  • .NET Core: What is it? Cross-platform. Open source. Modular. Modernized.

  • Awesome things going on in the F# community

Future of Visual F#:

  • The Microsoft team's short-term roadmap and guiding principles

  • Areas where people can contribute


Keynote: The Past, Present, and Future of Visual F#

David Stephens

David Stephens is a Program Manager at Microsoft, working on Visual F# and .NET. He’s responsible for representing the F# community within Microsoft to guide the evolution of the Visual F# compiler, tools, and ecosystem.