What’s my car thinking? - A different type of mobile computing

28th November 2015 in London at CodeNode

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We have all heard in the news of the rise of car manufacturers lying to drivers about their car's performance, but what happens if you own an old car? Do you even have or use a car in London? If not then you might not care.

Anyway, come and find out how I used an Android phone, an embedded bluetooth sensor, Google Maps and a whole load of Google Cloud Services to figure out what was happening under the hood. Plus, for an extra bonus, we will go into detail of some the Easter Eggs and features that now available in Google Maps App as well as some other fun things you might not know about Google Maps. You'll never look at a Google map the same way again!


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What’s my car thinking? - A different type of mobile computing

Steven Gray

Steve Gray is currently working as a Researcher at the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL (University College London). Steve has been a spatial software developer for the past five years, making visualising complex datasets on maps easier.