The rise of Scala at ING

10th December 2015 in London at Business Design Centre

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ING is investing in big data, analytics and stream processing to improve data quality and business processes such as balance forecasting, fraud detection and customer relation management. Our ambition is to become a data-driven ‘experimental enterprise’. To realize this, the ING team is working on large scale with big data technologies to set up a data lake where all data flows from the bank come together. Scala is an increasingly important programming language in this scenario.

In this talk Bas will give an overview of the journey a large bank has made from traditional IT (outsourcing, Java) towards in-house development with modern frameworks (Scala, open source), covering topics such as architecture, technology, mindset & behavior, and education.


The rise of Scala at ING

Bas Geerdink

Bas is a programmer, scientist, and IT manager. At ING, he is responsible for the Fast Data chapter within the Analytics department. His academic background is in Artificial Intelligence and Informatics. His research on reference architectures for big data solutions was published at the IEEE conference ICITST 2013. Bas has a background in software development, design and architecture with a broad technical view from C++ to Prolog to Scala and is a Spark Certified Developer. He occasionally teaches programming courses and is a regular speaker on conferences and informal meetings.