Lightning Talks Day 2

3rd December 2015 in London at CodeNode

There are 29 other SkillsCasts available from Clojure eXchange 2015

Lightning Talks Day 2

Glen Mailer

Glen is a Software Engineer who hates waste. He's been an aspiring Clojure programmer for a while, and has recently landed on an actual work Clojure project! In the mean time he's been converting teams to doing JavaScript in a clojure-like way via Immutability, Webpack and React.

Alejandro Gómez

I ♥ FLOSS, more because of the people than the software. Bookworm. Flamenco aficionado. Purrely Functional Programming. ClojureScript Unraveled book co-author. Madrid & Barcelona FP meetup organizer.

Frankie Sardo

Frankie Sardo believes "fullstack" is a real thing. He loves Clojure and has used it for mobile app development, server side data processing and single page webapps. Has a Stockholm syndrome obsession with build tools.