Weird Browsers

12th January 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Now that everybody builds responsive sites and mobile has become the new normal, are there still any weird browsers left? The latest generation of smart TVs run on the same operating systems as our mobile devices. How weird can these browsers be? Perhaps smart TVs aren't as smart as we all would like to think. But there are more weird browsers. How do game console handle your websites and are e-readers really capable of browsing the web? I will try to give an overview of all the problems you are going to face when you want to make your site work on these weird browsers.


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Weird Browsers

Niels Leenheer

Niels is a developer working on web applications for Salonhub and is a self-professed browser geek. He is the creator of, which is used more than a million times yearly to test how well browsers support web standards, and he runs one of the largest Open Device Labs in Europe with almost 200 different and sometimes weird devices.