CHEESECAKE – The story of Typeform's automatic test suite

14th April 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Nowadays, test automation has become an essential part of testers' lives. However, there are not many resources available for beginners that do not know how to start.

This is why Aida and Gloria would like to share their experience and explain the steps followed to develop their test automation framework, including why they've chosen their current testing tools.

The emphasis will be on all the challenges they had to face; the problems they found, their possible solutions and their reasoning for implementing one or the other.

Aida and Gloria will share their insight on how to write test scenarios from a functional point of view, how to speed up automated tests through browser initialization and how to share knowledge with your colleagues.

If you are interested in any of these points or you would like to improve your automation suite, follow Aida and Gloria in their trip through improvement. You will learn which are the steps you have to follow to choose the correct tool and tips & tricks to success in your project.


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CHEESECAKE – The story of Typeform's automatic test suite

Aida Manna

Aida is passionate about QA and test automation. She has always worked in Scrum teams involved in the overall development process. She believes that quality is more than just testing which is why she helps define requirements, improve processes and facilitate teamwork.

Gloria Hornero

Gloria is a professional with more than five years of experience. She loves being part of the development cycle and help improving processes. She advocates Agile methodologies, promoting interactions between individuals and continuous improvement. Among others, her skills as QA professional include manual and automated testing, requirements analysis, bug management and release management.