Better dev collaboration with code kits

9th February 2016 in London at CodeNode

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In any software project, iterating quickly and smoothly is one of the key challenges for success.

A perennial source of friction is getting business people and coders collaborating well. There are a ton of good practices to get the two groups communicating better, but the one thing we can't do is actually work together hands-on. Non-coders, by definition, can't touch the code. In this talk I'll present code-kits, a software-dev technology that can change this. In the same way that real-world kits let hobbyists build amazing things, code-kits let non-programmers become hands-on participants in the development process. Check out kitcoder.com to learn more.

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Better dev collaboration with code kits

Tom Locke

Tom is the father of the Hobo project and a freelance web-developer and technical trainer, specialising in Ruby on Rails. He has been working exclusively on custom Rails application development for the last two years and has built many sites both sma