The Dark Side of BDD

14th April 2016 in London at CodeNode

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When people first hear about Behaviour Driven Development, they may well think it is the silver bullet that will solve all the problems between stakeholders in a project. Care must be taken though, because several forces will try to lure you away from the straight path. If you go to the dark side, you may get cookies but you will not get your money's worth out of BDD.

This talk is as a cautionary tale that will hopefully prevent others from falling to the dark side and missing out on the benefits of BDD. Dirk will discuss several lures to the dark side: what they are, why they appeared so tempting at the time, what the consequences were and what you might do instead. This will help you to recognize such lures in your own projects, and also to make decisions that will keep you in the light.


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The Dark Side of BDD

Dirk Rombauts

Dirk Rombauts is the maintainer of Pickles, the open source Living Documentation generator. He is a former employee of TechTalk, the company behind SpecFlow, the leading BDD framework for .NET.