Hive CI: Making Automation Scale for iPlayer

14th April 2016 in London at CodeNode

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The BBC iPlayer TV & Mobile applications run across a huge variety of devices. The team at BBC has invested heavily in test automation to reduce its manual testing effort but struggled to scale across physical devices with conventional CI tools.

The team built its own CI system -- Hive CI, designed to be device aware, and test aware -- giving it greater control over how it runs its tests, what tests it runs, and what devices they run on.

This talk explores what the BBC team learnt about the value of automation, the value of being able to test on devices, and how to use your automation to monitor the health of your ecosystem.


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Hive CI: Making Automation Scale for iPlayer

David Buckhurst

David Buckhurst is a Technical Architect at the BBC leading the Test Engineering Team and providing the strategic thinking for wider testing problems in the corporation.